Saturday Jan 11th
Chipotle Sweet Potato
Vegan and Wheat-Free
Thai Curry Chicken
Dairy Free


Have you seen our new Produce Cooler?

produce cooler


In time for the holidays, our new larger produce cooler was unveiled! We strive to provide choice organic produce from local  farmers whenever possible creating the need for more space to display our lovely vegetables.

Many of you may know Rho Bucy from her days at Wildhearts Nursery where she cared for the plants and provided expert advice. Now she’s providing that same tender care to the produce at the Mazama Store.

Currently we have many local items ranging from Potatoes, Carrots, and storage Onions to Apples and Nuts. Fresh greens such as Romaine and Green Leaf lettuces, Kale and Swiss Chard come in several times each week as well as other healthy veggies like Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts and fresh Herbs.

Come check out our Produce!  We have many gourmet cheeses and meats in the previous produce cooler to go along with your veggies.

Soup is Back!!


Soup and Sandwich


The weather has turned wet and chilly and the first snows adorn the peaks, which means……it’s soup time at the Mazama Store.  Come in and enjoy a homemade bowl of soup with a fresh rustic sandwich.  And don’t forget a cookie.


New Shelving

New shelving

A new look for the Mazama Store!  We are very excited about our new shelving and the look that has come with it. Fresh, clean and colorful are words I think capture the new image.  Come and tell us what you think. We have lots of staples along with exciting kitchenware, bulk foods and snacks. There is something for everyone, a true general store.  Thank you for all your support and we hope to see you soon! Say hello when you come in!

The Pass is Open

Liberty Bell Range

With the early opening of the North Cascades Highway, there is plenty of access to play in the snow or gaze at the snowy alpine vistas. Goat’s Beard Mountain Supplies at the Mazama Store has snowshoes for rent if you want to go explore the meadows around Washington Pass,  Cutthroat Lake or elsewhere.

snowshoe tracks

Snowshoe Tracks



Or perhaps you’ve had enough of that white stuff and are ready to enjoy spring.  The Arrowleaf Balsamroots are out on the south slopes along with Yellow Avalanche Lilies, Shooting Stars and a carpet of Spring Beauties.  Lots of valley trails are open for hiking and biking.  The Goat’s Beard also has bikes and climbing shoes for rent.

No matter what your adventure, don’t forget to fuel up with some fresh baked goods!

arrowleaf balsamroot

Arrowleaf Balsamroot a.k.a. Sunflowers

Annual Jelly Bean Contest

Time for the annual Jelly Bean contest!

Lucky or not, guess on the annual jelly bean contest and you might be the recipient of a sweet prize.  Guess the right number, and the jar and it’s contents is yours!! Come in soon as the winner will be picked on April 1.