Saturday Jan 11th
Chipotle Sweet Potato
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Thai Curry Chicken
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Halloween 2012

Where are their parents????


As you can see, another successful Halloween in Mazama!  Little children were rightfully frightened, excess candy dropped out of careless, small hands only to be snatched by hungry, sugar deprived adults; yummy pumpkin doughnuts for the calorie driven - the usual senario in Mazama.  Did we enjoy ourselves or what!


I think they

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Green Initiatives!

So, what do you do: you are an avid recycler, you compost everything you can for your personal garden, you take larger scraps to your friends to feed their chickens and pigs, you use and reuse glass containers for almost everything in sight, the last plastic bag you laid eyes on was the one you

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Green Business

We know that we live in an exceptional place; the Methow Valley is incredibly beautiful, it is one of the few places in the country that remains virtually untouched by industry and the pollution that inevitably comes with it.

The Mazama Store is committed to keeping the Valley as pristene as possible. One way we work to

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Musings On Local Food

We are blessed to live in a beautiful area of the country, many of us consider it to be THE VALLEY James Hilton calls Shangra-La, a paradise hidden from modern man. Most of the residents here go for months at a time without seeing a traffic light or full bars on a cell phone. This

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Putting his best foot forward, Dell Schweitzer


Mazama is full of diversity – lots of fascinating people who (despite having the common bond of LOVING the Methow Valley) each have a unique interesting story to tell. We love getting to know the tales behind every one of our wonderful customers and are excited to share them with you! Dell Schweitzer (pictured here

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