Saturday Jan 11th
Chipotle Sweet Potato
Vegan and Wheat-Free
Thai Curry Chicken
Dairy Free


The Pass is Open

With the early opening of the North Cascades Highway, there is plenty of access to play in the snow or gaze at the snowy alpine vistas. Goat’s Beard Mountain Supplies at the Mazama Store has snowshoes for rent if you want to go explore the meadows around Washington Pass,  Cutthroat Lake or elsewhere.

Snowshoe Tracks



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Soup’s Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fall is definitely here with the leaves changing and frost on the pumpkin.   And that means soup is back!!  Come enjoy a cup or bowl with bread or a baguette sandwich.  Daily specials based on the baker’s whim.  We’ll try to keep the blog updated with the soup of the day.


Its Backkkkk! Fantabulous Mazama

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Rockfest Weekend is here!

Join the climbers for a fun filled weekend with clinics, trail improvement, slideshow and more.  Information regarding where to stay and what to do is found on the website below.  See you there!!

Spring Time Pass-Times

So things are starting to heat up here in Mazama! The weather reached an unseasonably warm  temperature earlier this week – at least in the mid 70s! That means that shorts and even a few swimsuits came out of the closet. Sure, we are all a bit pasty here, but that will soon change as

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Musings On Local Food

We are blessed to live in a beautiful area of the country, many of us consider it to be THE VALLEY James Hilton calls Shangra-La, a paradise hidden from modern man. Most of the residents here go for months at a time without seeing a traffic light or full bars on a cell phone. This

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