Saturday Jan 11th
Chipotle Sweet Potato
Vegan and Wheat-Free
Thai Curry Chicken
Dairy Free


Meet Leslie

Most of us know Leslie as an extreme mountain biker, road biker, backcountry ski expert, roller derby queen, community volunteer or as the nicest person in the world.  At the Mazama Store, Leslie is all of those and more!  She is our very own personal psychologist, therapist, positive thinker, nicest person in the world (truely) and

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Staff Musings

You can always check out musings from the staff by clicking over on the left of our page, under “The Mazama Country Store Staff” category.  Here’s a piece from Samantha Ronich, former staff member:

The mazama store. Hmm. What to write about it.

Country store. The term holds something appealing in this modern hi tech caffe latte wifi

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A New Year with the Same Great Store

Hannah, featuring Hannah's thumb

Me sitting at the computer thinking about fancy sandwiches and blog posts

We’re already a couple weeks into 2012 and here at the Mazama Store folks are making the most of this new year, taking advantage of prime time for resolutions to buff up our skills and be all-around-awesome.  So, what

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