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Spring Time Traditions

Spring time is on its way and with it comes warm weather, melting snow, longer days and lots of sunshine! What does this mean? Well one thing it signifies is that the clearing of the Highway 20 Pass has begun.

The fun begins with the Highway 20 “Bet-A-Day” lottery organized by our very own Red McComb. In late Winter he brings in a poster sized calendar with room for a name on every day of the month for March through June. For the price of $2 you can claim a day (one name per day only, please!). Everyone has their theories as to what day of the week and what time of the month the pass will open. Go ahead and ask a local… they just might share their theory with you! When the pass opens up and stays open for at least a week, the owner of that day takes the kitty. This year it is $90! Even if you did not choose the correct day or if you did not get in on the betting in time, you can be a winner by heading up to the top of the pass on opening day for a traditional cinnamon roll from Ms. Tootsie, who happily hands them out to the first cars headed over!

If you can’t wait for the pass to open, we have another option for you; our yearly “Guess the Jellies” contest! This ends on Easter Sunday so come in quick. Many customers have already done their best to scientifically calculate the exact number of items in our lovely little jar, but we can assure you that as of today, no one has hit the nail on the head! Many have been close, but the winner is no sure thing. Come on in and get your 15 minute of fame! Springtime Traditions