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Focusing on Local - Methow Energy Balls!

Fueling up for fun!

You may have seen the small bags of tasty looking treats on the shelves of one of our back coolers. If you haven’t yet, you should take one down and get a closer look – they are a staff and customer favorite – Methow Energy Balls! Local resident Valerie P has been creating these tasty gluten free alternatives to store bought food bars for over 6 years. She initially began concocting them in her kitchen after she suddenly found she could no longer eat many ingredients found in the majority of energy bars readily available. As Valerie loved spending long days outdoors exploring the Valley, she was in need of a good, high energy snack. She took a few recipes she liked and made some big changes like taking out sugar, simplifying the ingredients and increasing protein. What she finished with is was a very healthy and delicious snack perfect for long hikes when fuel is an important element of a good day. Many staff members and customers alike have personally sworn off standard hiking fare and regularly recommend Valerie’s little bites of pizzazz.

“Valerie’s Methow Energy Balls are nothing short of amazing! I love knowing exactly what is in my food. I can pronounce everything she puts in her products and I feel like I am taking good care of myself when I eat them. Plus, they make me feel like a million bucks even after a 12 mile hike!”

Currently Methow Energy Balls come in 4 standard flavors; Red Shirt, Eureka, Azurite and Hidden Treasure. Each name has historical significance to the Methow Valley – check out the labels to find out more! During the Christmas Season there is a special Holiday selection called Jingle Balls. All are gluten free and the Red Shirt and Hidden Treasure varieties are also dairy free. (Although Azurite and Eureka can be made without dairy on request) Each are made with natural, easy to recognize ingredients like peanut butter, almond butter, figs, cherries, cocoa powder, espresso beans and coconut – all mixed expertly together in an easy to enjoy bite sized ball. Methow Energy Balls travel well in a hiking pack and are a quick and fun way to pump up your stamina for the last push to the top!

Valerie has been enjoying life in the Methow since September 2006. She is inspired by the sense of support and community she sees in the Valley. When she is not mixing up batches of healthy hiking treats, she can be found outdoors, of course! She loves walking, biking, hiking, skiing, gardening and snowshoeing to name a few. She welcomes comments and questions at

Come on in and grab a bag of completely local, completely healthy, completely delicious Methow Energy Balls today! You certainly won’t regret it!