Saturday Jan 11th
Chipotle Sweet Potato
Vegan and Wheat-Free
Thai Curry Chicken
Dairy Free


Put a spring in your step and eat rainbows!

Eat a rainbow of colors for your health

Even though there is still snow on the ground, I don’t know about you, but I am craving veggies!!  Our bodies are making that transition from winter to spring and eating your greens will definitely make you feel better and put a spring in your step. Bright purple cabbage, red peppers, dark green brocooli along with delicious Cara Cara oranges or intensly flavored Minneola’s add more color and hence nutrition and our much needed vitamin C to our diets.  Grapefruits are sweetest this time of year, so don’t miss out on that! Try adding organic italian parsley and cilantro, chopped, to any soup, salad or as a garnish to any dish. They not only compliment your meal, but boost your nutrition intake as well.

We have a nice variety of vegetables this time of year, so come on in and eat your rainbows!!


Got Milk?

Got Milk?  Do we ever! Come try out our new raw organic milk from Pride and Joy Dairy out of Granger, WA.  Raw milk is good for you, full of healthy enzymes making milk easier to digest and making vitamins and minerals naturally found in milk, readily available for our bodies to use whereas they are normally killed in the pasteurization process. We are lucky to get this milk and we want to continue to carry it if we can.  Please come support the farm and buy this delicious milk!!

Enjoy a glass of milk (with a Mazama Store baked good, of course!)

Faces of Mazama

Thomas Jefferson (that’s him sitting on the doggie poop bag dispenser) oversees the courtyard making sure the dogs of Mazama clean up after themselves..

Thomas Jefferson


What did the one snow blob say to the other snow blob? Nice beard sir.

Blob conversation, very common in Mazama

At the very least, come ski with me. The Happiest face of all!

Come ski with me


Vintage Ski Race 2012

It was all wood and wool (and smiles, of course) at the Vintage Ski Festival this year held in our very own courtyard!! Skiers are judged on style (loads of wool) and authentic gear and how fast one can move on wooden ski’s waxed with natural pine tar! It was a very fun event complete with Scandinavian Blueberry Soup, Hot Cider and a nice bonfire.

Flash Clark and Dave Ford skied remarkably fast and came sliding in for a one, two finish.  Chad Gregg looked smashing while dashing for a 4th place finish. Make this an event you come to spectate next year or better yet, ski!!!

Starting lineup for the vintage ski festival

Chad Gregg with a wooden pole finish

vintage ski fest mural

Vintage Murals painted by local students









Come check out our beautiful hand painted murals in the courtyard!  MVSTA commisioned local High School students from Liberty Bell HS to paint these murals as a trailhead project.  The murals will grace our coutyard for a couple of weeks before they will be permanantly installed at the Winthrop Town Trailhead.  Come enjoy them while we have them as they are beautiful!!!  Also, they are displayed as part of the Vintage Ski Fest which takes place on December 27th in the Mazama Store courtyard as well. Enjoy, enjoy this joyous season!!!