Inside The Mazama Store

The Mazama Store is a coffee shop, grocery store, gas station, wine shop, bakery and community hub, “A little bit of everything good” as we like to say. 

The Morning
Every day our case is stocked full of artisan pastries, rustic loaves and sel de mer baguettes, made fresh in our bakery in the early hours of the morning.  Freshly brewed coffee from Blue Star Coffee Roasters in Twisp awaits caffeine hungry customers.  Our morning crowd, also known as S.L.I.M.E (short for Society of Lugubrious Indolent Mazama Entrepreneurs) filters in, each grabbing their personal mug behind the counter.  In the summer when the weather is warmer, S.L.I.M.E can be found outside on the deck chatting and bantering with one another.  During the winter months, we enjoy their laughter and smiles inside at one of the corner tables.  Every Sunday, they crowd around the bakery door, awaiting a piping hot donut fresh from the fryer. 

The Afternoon
By noon, our cooler is stocked full of sandwiches and the bakers are tempting us with afternoon pies and brownies.  In the summer, we can’t seem to make sandwiches fast enough.  They’re quick movers, so it’s best to come in earlier, rather than later to stock up for your afternoon adventures.  Mid-October signals the start of soup season, a welcome addition to our menu during the chilly months.  All of our soups are made in-house, using local and organic ingredients whenever possible. 

As the days grow longer and the winter snow pack begins to melt, fresh local produce begins to trickle back into our cooler.  We look forward to hardy vine vegetables, fresh greens, herbs and early season fruit.  Towards August, the produce case is overflowing with goodies and we utilize any leftovers in the bakery.  During September we transform local vegetables into sauces, make jams and jellies out of leftover fruit, and freeze any remainders for use over the winter. 

During the quiet months of October and November, we work hard in the kitchen to prepare for the winter.  The bakery begins to organize holiday orders, prep ingredients for soup, and get ready for the crazy weeks ahead.  Our produce lady calls on local farmers, ordering root vegetables, pumpkins and squash.  She also brings in fresh organic treats, like cranberries, chestnuts and pomegranates.  In the wee hours of the morning the MVSTA groomer passes by our front window, laying down fresh corduroy for the Nordic ski trails.  Throughout the day our coffee machine hums while we steam milk for hot chocolates, lattes and mochas.  In the afternoon, the tables fill up with customers chatting over bowls of hot soup, grilled sandwiches and slices of freshly baked pie.

Year Round
Walk through our front doors and find yourself immersed in our collection of local and carefully curated housewares.  We carry everything from Lodge Cast Iron cookware to Blithe and Bonny bath and body products, a selection we hope reflects the valley and its unique style.  


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  • Inside The Mazama Store
  • Inside The Mazama Store
  • Inside The Mazama Store

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