The Goat's Beard

About Us

Goat’s Beard Mountain Supplies opened in May 2012 to provide much needed outdoor supplies in Mazama, WA, the gateway to the North Cascades.

We are part of the ever-popular Mazama Store and are located across the courtyard in an historic log cabin which also houses North Cascades Mountain Guides. The clothing that was in the Mazama Store has moved and been expanded in the Goat’s Beard.

Mazama is a popular destination for hikers, climbers, bikers, Nordic, backcountry and Heli skiers and there was a lack of bike rentals, outdoor supplies, climbing and backcountry ski gear available. We have extensive local knowledge and outdoor skills, so the store seemed like a perfect addition to not only provide gear, but also local information.

Why Are We Named the Goat’s Beard?

The Goat’s Beard is an ice climb on Goat Wall in Mazama that only forms about every 10 years when conditions are cold enough for several weeks.  It was an auspicious sign that in our first winter open, it formed in January creating an impressive ice flow down the cliffs.

CB & Micki Thomas

CB & Micki Thomas manage the Goat’s Beard and have decades of experience in all aspects of the outdoor industry. They moved here in November 2011 from Dillon Colorado where CB was the avalanche director at Keystone Ski Resort and Micki managed 3 Outdoor stores. Micki and CB are avid outdoors people and can provide detailed information about the local climbing routes, mountain biking and hiking trails, current conditions and gear needed.  During the winter, they turn their focus to winter sports such as Nordic and Backcountry Skiing and Snowshoeing.

Rick and Missy have owned and operated the Mazama Store since August 2007 and have greatly improved and expanded the store to include more local goods, groceries and fresh produce. Part of their vision was to also to have more clothing and outdoor gear, so the Goat’s Beard was a natural extension. We're excited for you to experience a little bit of Mazama and the Cascades, spectacular in any season and our favorite place to be! 

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