• COVID19 Operations
  • COVID19 Operations
  • COVID19 Operations
  • COVID19 Operations

COVID19 Operations

The store is open for grocery shopping and home goods from 7 am -- 6 pm. Espresso, Baked Goods, Breads and Sandwiches are served in the Outdoor Area from 7 am -- 4 pm (3 pm during the shoulder season). All bakery goods are moved to the inside of the store after the Outdoor Area closes. 

Masks are now optional at the Mazama Store. We will monitor trends and follow what we think is best for our customers and employees. If we see a spike in cases or a new aggressive variant, we might then need to reintroduce mask requirements and/or other protective measures once again.

We ask that everyone be respectful of other people’s choices. Some of us may continue to wear masks for our own personal protection or to protect others we may be around who are more vulnerable. 

We request that anyone who is feeling sick either wear a mask or call us and we would be happy to provide outside assistance.

Thanks for your continued support through these challenging times!!



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