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  • Holiday Orders
  • Holiday Orders

Holiday Orders

With the holiday season in full swing, we're working hard to create delicious goodies for your family and friends.  The list has changed a little from last year, so make sure to read through it carefully!

Everything created in the bakery is handmade, so we ask that orders are placed as soon as possible.  This gives us a chance to make your holiday treat with the care it deserves!

Thanksgiving Holiday List

All orders must be placed by Sunday November 18th
From the lovely Pastry Ladies

Pies (9.5 inch, serves 8-10) 
Gluten free and dairy free options are available upon request.

Blackberry with Streusel Topping
Organic Apple with Full Crust
Sweet Potato Pecan
Pumpkin Pie

Sweet Breads

Butternut Harvest Loaf ( 4" x 9" loaf, approx 8 slices)

From the Bread Bakers

Rosemary Rolls (Half dozen or dozen)

Sel de Mer Baguettes

Artisan Rustic Loaves

  • Country Loaf
  • Cracked Emmer (made with 100% organic whole grain flour from Bluebird Grain Farms)
  • Honey Whole Wheat (made with 100% organic whole grain flour from Bluebird Grain Farms)

To place an order, or for questions and prices on orders, please call The Mazama Store at (509)-996-2855 or send us an email at info@themazamastore.com.  Please include your name, phone number, pick up date and time, and items you wish to order.  We require a $5 refundable pie pan deposit on all pie orders.  Happy Holidays!

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