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Just Chillin'

Handcrafted soapstone shot glasses, shooters and whiskey rocks from Sparq.  Tasteful and chic, these soapstone creations are the perfect addition to any cocktail.  Simply freeze, pour and enjoy!  We especially love the versatility of the whiskey rocks.  Not only will they work to keep your drink cool, they can also keep it warm.  Microwave the rocks and add to any hot beverage to keep it toasty.  Soapstone quarries are known for their waste and impact on natural landscape, with more than 80% of soapstone deemed scrap.  With so much waste, designers Steven Chavez and Justin English set out to find purpose and use for discarded soapstone.  We love the eco-friendly approach and the unique coloration of each piece. Handmade and based out of Denver, CO.


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