• Kouign-Amann


Kouign-Amann is a pastry hailing from Brittany, created by gently incorporating sugar into croissant dough.  We started experimenting with this recipe in the early spring, finding the end result to be both rich and satisfying. The first day we started serving these, I immediately fell in love.  It perfectly masters the difficult challenge of combining sweet and savory flavors without overwhelming the dish. 

My first bite of Kouign-Amann…well let’s just say it was nothing short of heavenly.  The saltiness from the butter and the sweet, soft, vanilla notes melt in your mouth.  While baking in the oven, the sugar caramelizes, creating that lovely crispy browned top that pastry chefs dream of.  Have I made them sound enticing enough?  As if this wasn’t enough, like most croissants, they are best enjoyed with a steaming mug of coffee.  Now how does that sound for a morning?


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