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Rosy Rings

Check out our selection of beautiful hand poured candles and wax sachets from Rosy Rings, located in Denver, Colorado!  The candles are a beeswax and soy blend, creating a clean burning and fragrant addition to your home.  We find they make wonderful Christmas gifts and with their array of scents and sizes, they are a fun and unique present for all ages.  

Some of our favorite scents include:

Honey TobaccoA leather club chair, bourbon on the rocks, a gently wafting pipe, dark woods; Sensual and comforting, Honey Tobacco is almond, honey flower, crushed tobacco, patchouli, warm amber, sandalwood and tonka bean.  We love it's soft aroma and how gently the different scents blend together without being overwhelming.  

Anjou Pear: Sweet, mouth-watering and decadent: the irresistible fragrance of a French fruit tart just out of the oven. D’anjou pears, apples and golden plums are roasted until the fruit becomes soft and golden brown. The baked fruits melt into a warm base of vanilla and tonka bean, all sprinkled with a dusting of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Pumpkin Farmhouse: The decadent flavors of sweet pumpkin, fresh ground nutmeg, dark cocoa and caramelized sugar combine to create the perfect comfort candle. Made with: butternut, chilies, maple leaves, pear, star anise.

Red Currant and CranberryA festive blend of sparkling mandarin oranges, deliciously tart cranberries and succulent red currants delightfully underscored by fresh ground ginger and frosted cedar. Made with birch twigs, pine cones, pepperberries, and pine needles to create the perfect holiday scent. 

Spicy Apple: Spicy Apple is the fragrance of an apple pie cooling on a windowsill. Crisp Macintosh apple mingles with a spicy blend of cardamom seed, ground nutmeg, fresh cinnamon and clove bud. Sweet tonka bean, vanilla extract and forest balsam softly chime in. Made with apple slices, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, and rosehips, this candle perfectly mimics and encompasses the scent of Fall. 

Forest: Forest is hints of citron, golden raspberry and shaved ginger submerged into a deep woodsy-green base of clary sage, falling leaves, Scotch pine, creamy sandal, red cedar and white musk.  Made with birch branches, ferns, and moss, this scent is reminicent of winter walks through a forest of pines.

We hope you will enjoy our new Rosy Rings selection as much as we do! 


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