• Rustic Copper Cocktail Mugs
  • Rustic Copper Cocktail Mugs
  • Rustic Copper Cocktail Mugs

Rustic Copper Cocktail Mugs

A wonderful addition to your cocktail collection, these copper mugs from SPARQ offer a stainless steel interior with a copper plated finish. These mugs can be used for any cocktail, but are classically served with "Moscow Mules", a delicious concoction of ginger beer, vodka and lime.  

We've included our recipe below and find that straying from the original recipe and using Ginger People Ginger Beer or Reed's Organic Ginger Beer just as delicious as Cock'N'Bull Ginger Beer (perhaps even better...but maybe that's the vodka talking!)

Mazama Store Moscow Mule

1 part Vodka

2 parts Ginger People Ginger Beer

Juice of half a lime

Fill mug with ice, measure ingredients, and stir.  Garnish with sprig of mint and a wedge of lime. Sit back, savor and enjoy! 


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