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  • Sfoglini Pasta Company

Sfoglini Pasta Company

On a recent trip to the Big Apple, we had the pleasure of meeting Scott Ketchum and Steve Gonzalez, the owners and creators of Sfoglini Pasta Co.  Tucked away in an old Pfizer warehouse in downtown Brooklyn, this little shop packs a big punch.  We got the full tour and were able to watch the production in action.  Here are the secrets we discovered.

It would be foolish to compare Sfoglini to any other dried pasta, because it wouldn’t do them justice.  Steve and Scott are all about quality and you can taste the difference.  The flavor and texture is amazingly fresh, perhaps because they only produce in small batches and use high quality flours.  Or it could be Steve's intimate knowledge and experience in the culinary arts that makes this pasta special.  Regardless, these guys know their product.  Not only do they have a plethora of shapes, sizes, and flavor combinations, but they also include seasonal varieties showcasing local ingredients. We are currently carrying Sfoglini by the bag and in our bulk bins, selection depending on availability and seasonal specialties.


OPEN Everyday 7-6
24/hr Fuel, Diesel & Non-Ethanol Premium

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