• Bird Houses for Rent
  • Bird Houses for Rent
  • Bird Houses for Rent
  • Bird Houses for Rent
  • Bird Houses for Rent

Bird Houses for Rent

Nice Nests are the creation of Twisp local, Patrick Hannigan. Each nest habitat is built entirely from discarded wood scraps salvaged from tear-downs, remodels or new home construction – also re-purposed ancient barn boards and old apple bins picked from dump or burn piles. Nice Nests feature proper hole sizes, floor dimensions and box depths perfectly suited to the target species. Every nestbox has appropriate drainage and ventilation and opens easily (no tools required) for clean-out. These simply brilliant nestboxes are for dozens of species of cavity nesting birds, from Pygmy Nuthatches to Violet-Green Swallows, Western Bluebirds to Wood Ducks, American Kestrels to Saw-Whet Owls. Visit The Mazama Store to view our current selection of Nice Nests.


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