• The Cast Iron Baking Pan
  • The Cast Iron Baking Pan

The Cast Iron Baking Pan

Cast Iron has been used for generations and we often joke that "you don't buy a cast iron pan, you inherit one."  When properly maintained and seasoned, cast iron will last a lifetime.  We exclusively use cast iron in the Mazama Store bakery and you'd be hard-pressed to find any other type of pan in our cupboards at home. 

Cast Iron is one of the most versatile pieces of cooking equipment money can buy.  Not only is it durable, easy to clean and doesn’t scratch, but it can also help boost your iron intake.  By simply cooking with cast iron, you can triple the iron content of a meal.  For those who suffer from anemia, or are looking to boost their iron intake, cast iron is a wonderful option.

Lodge Cast Iron is American made and comes fully seasoned.  We love Lodge so much we carry almost every product they offer.  From their new stainless steel line to their variety of enameled cast iron, this company delivers a beautiful product!


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