• A Slice of Summer
  • A Slice of Summer

A Slice of Summer

Early summer always brings back fond memories of warm evenings, dinners on the patio, and pie fresh from the oven. 

In the bakery, it seems we catalog the year through desserts.  Fall marks the season of pumpkins and apples, cinnamon and clove.  Winter brings warm desserts, rich chocolates and creams.  Early spring the trickle of fresh local fruit begins, starting with rhubarb.  There are few ingredients as versatile as rhubarb and with its crisp, tart flavor, it pairs well with just about everything.  When summer comes calling, can anyone honestly resist a warm slice of strawberry rhubarb pie?

Our pies are handmade in our bakery with fresh, local ingredients whenever possible.  Gluten free options available upon request.

Fruit Pies are $30-34 each and can be ordered over the phone at (509) 996-2855 or via email at info@themazamastore.com.  All bakery orders must be made at least 72 hours prior to pickup.


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