• Toys by Janod (France)
  • Toys by Janod (France)

Toys by Janod (France)

Janod is located in the Jura Mountains in France, where the French toy industry was born. The company represents the best of French design. With its unique design and retro feel, this wooden rocket would be equally at home on a creative professional's desk as in the playroom!

Janod Wooden Rocket - Magnetic Puzzle

Your child's imagination will blast off with this colorful wooden Rocket Ship with a cool retro look, featuring a little astronaut and a moveable propeller. This wooden rocket is an educational toy that doubles as a puzzle, from the clever French toy designers at Janod. Five wooden pieces come apart and fit back together with embedded magnetic connectors. Children will learn the physical laws of magnetic attraction when they discover that the pieces will only stick together when they are in the proper position. 

Janod Barnyard Memory Game

The Janod Barnyard Memory Game is made up of 40 wooden barnyard-themed pieces. Ideally suited for familiarizing children with the world of the barnyard and for developing quick-wittiness. Includes a wooden box for very handy storage.


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