• Welcome to Mazama

Welcome to Mazama

Welcome to Mazama, home of the goat! Pop into the store for a quick snack, local goodies, and fresh food from our deli and bakery. Located right off of Highway 20, we are at the center of everything (literally).

Enjoy the scenery on our beautifully remodeled outdoor seating area with a handmade Husky milkshake. Or walk out our back door in the winter to find yourself at the start of over 50K of freshly groomed cross country ski trails. 

You're in Mazama and I can assure you, life doesn't get any better.


OPEN Everyday 7-6
24/hr Fuel, Diesel & Non-Ethanol Premium

  1. Visit the Goats Blaahg
  2. Emily Post Mugs
  3. The Big Dipper

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