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  • HotSpot Fire Pits

HotSpot Fire Pits

Created by local artisan Tim O'Dell out of Twisp, WA - HotSpot Fire Pits are made in the Methow Valley by skilled craftspeople and metalworkers who are dedicated to uniqueness, quality and longevity.  Here at The Mazama Store, we stock 2 sizes of the fire pits, which can be purchased and picked up directly from us. 

If you have further questions or would like to purchase a fire pit, please email us at info@themazamastore.com or call the store directly at (509) 996-2855 and we would be happy to help you.  If you are interested in a different size fire pit or would like to see shipping options, please visit www.hotspotfirepits.com.    

Fire Pits

36" "Familia" (130 lbs.) - $835   


  • 36" Hexagon Grill - $229
  • 36" Solid Cover - $299
  • 36" Spark Screen - $329 

30" "Companero" (77 lbs.) - $660   


  • 30" Hexagon Grill - $229
  • 30" Solid Cover - $279
  • 30" Spark Screen - $289 

Sizes are based on bowl diameter.
Footprint is actually larger.
Add an average of 5″ more for ultimate footprint.

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